Leadership Wake Up Call

Leaders take people places.  I use the term places loosely.  For instance, very early this morning I met with about 20 young college football leaders.  These guys, who don’t normally walk around the campus that early in the morning, arrived on time and ready to receive.  When I asked them where they, as leaders, were taking the team, the first answer I go was “winning”.  Interesting.  I asked them if they meant “winning” on the field. Sure, they did.  I pressed further: did they lead the team to win elsewhere…say, off the field somewhere.  They thought of the weight room.  Absolutely.  Where else? They thought of the classroom.  Now we were getting somewhere.  These guys (at least some of them) believed they were responsible for the team’s academic success!  I pressed even farther: where else?  One brave soul offered this: at parties.  Whoa.  Yes.  Even there.

Today I watched something dawn on 20 young men:  leadership is tough, lonely and wildly satisfying.

Leadership, essentially, hangs on this question: how can I help my team members succeed?  World-class leadership adds this: how can I help the team above me, below me and on either side of me to succeed?

Short of doing their job for them, what are you willing to do?  How far will you go?

Press forward.


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